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Everything you program is automatically REST-Full. The saving of time and organization is considerable. No more Web-Services in spaghetti mode, make way for speed and organization. This project was created for ease not only the exchange of data as you are used to doing (Web-Service, FTP, Email), but it is a generalization in the sense that you can also exchange business processes between collaborators. A new ultra compressed programming language has been created, the MQL (Mentalese Query Language). For example, if you create a script to take action on your company's IS (such as placing an order), this script is automatically REST-Full. You just have to give access rights to your external collaborators, and voila. No Web Service to code. You can code, and benefit from the maximum efficiency and security. Security automatically managed. You will therefore work on an “Automatic Secure - Service Oriented Architecture (AS-SOA)” type platform. Since MentDB servers are "buddies" with each other, and respecting the idea of World Wide Data, you can code all your scripts on a single machine, and request the execution of scripts remotely via secure tunnels. MQL is therefore a volatile language. A tunnel in front of a “for” loop and this loop will be executed on another MentDB server. As long as you have the rights, you have full control over your data and business processes.
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With self-organizing scripts and online self-documention...

MQL source code example:
In this example, with 11 lines of MQL code, to allow third parties to add to my MentDB Weak server.

Create a REST-Full web-service (POST method) :
script create post "addition" false 1
  	(var "[v1]" {type is_double [v1]} "A number" is_null:true is_empty:true "10")
  	(var "[v2]" {type is_double [v2]} "Another number" is_null:true is_empty:true "20")
  "Make an addition"
	+ [v1] [v2];
} "Return a number";

Result : "Script added with successful."

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