2020-09-14 / New application Supervision!
  • 'Supervision' ready to use with MentDB Weak 2.3.2. This application allows you to manage all synchronous or asynchronous logs on the MentDB Weak server. You can replay a process or a mail in error...

2020-09-04 / Version 2.3.2 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • Improve the application manager.
  • Bug fixed into all applications into the appstore.
  • New application "Inventory" into the appstore!

2020-09-01 / New application Dead people!
  • Dead people ready to use with MentDB Weak 2.3.1 and Index-AI (it's up to you to retrieve the people and integrate them into Index-AI).

2020-09-01 / Version 2.3.1 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • Version 1.0.1 of Index-AI is now available!
  • Index-AI ready to use with MentDB Weak 2.3.1
  • Index-AI: tomb stone was added and more...

2020-08-12 / Version 2.3.0 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • Index-AI ready to use with MentDB Weak 2.3.0.

2020-08-12 / A new application was created: Index-AI is now available!
  • If you want a search engine like Google into your company, Index-AI is open-source!

2020-07-25 / Version 2.2.9 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • MQL Assistance: direct access to Jimmitry from the editor. The editor was improved.

2020-07-18 / Version 2.2.8 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • The editor and Mentalese algorithm was improved. Contexts are now ready to use.

2020-07-10 / Version 2.2.7 of MentDB Weak is now available!
  • Connect to many remote MentDB Server with one editor. Compare the differences between your remote scritps ...

2020-06-04 / Editor can download and upload file!
  • The MentDB Editor was improved. Dynamic tab, bug fixed and download/upload file.

2020-04-27 / New Time Tracker created!
  • The MentDB application store has grown with a new addition: "Time Tracker".

2020-04-27 / Version 2.2.5 of MentDB Weak is now available.
  • MentDB is now compatible with Raspberry Pi and the backup and restore manager is fully ready.

2020-04-12 / Version 2.2.4 of MentDB Weak is now available.
  • Light-mode has been improved, now all functionalities are operational in embedded mode (with H2 Database). You unzip and start the server: too easy

2020-04-07 / Version 2.2.3 of MentDB Weak is now available.
  • Many bug was fixed. More text size for MQL Editor (to show the source code)
  • New math function 'math base_to_base'.

2020-03-31 / 2000 downloads of MentDB Weak!
  • The adventure continues with 2000 downloads. I am waiting for the next step: 10000 downloads ...

2020-03-09 / Version 2.2.2 of MentDB Weak is now available.
  • MentDB can now start in standalone mode. You download, you start! (server.conf: "light_mode=true")

2019-12-20 / Version 2.2.0 of MentDB Weak is now available.
  • MentDB Weak becomes an application store.

2019-10-28 / Version 2.1.9 of MentDB is now available.
  • Urgent: A corruption bug has been fixed in the Sequence+Stack manager (2 scripts that retrieve a process ID at the same time). Integration DL4J for CSV training (tested only on MacOSX at this time)

2019-10-13 / Version 2.1.8 of MentDB is now available.
  • Improved performance, encryption features, bug fixes ... 4 small applications were created with the system licensed under GPLv3. Enjoy!

2019-10-02 / 500 downloads of MentDB!
  • In 2 months, there was a 500 downloads of MentDB! The adventure continues with a tendency to increase ... The next version (2.1.5) will be 1800 times faster than its previous version! Bug fixing, SCRUD generator enhancement, data encryption functions ... For RGPD anonymization, it's perfect! A few more days of waiting ...

AFPAR training AI!
  • AFPAR - First training center in RĂ©union which offers MentDB in its offers. Are you tempted by a developer training with Data-Science skills on a Reunion programming language (MQL)? It's happening at AFPAR St-AndrĂ©! Next session on September 13, 16, 17 and 18, 2019. See you soon.

2019-08-10 / 100 downloads of MentDB!
  • MentDB reached its first 100 downloads in 2 weeks! This is a very good start.

2019-07-26 / MentDB is now open-source (GPLv3)!
  • As of today, MentDB will be gaining momentum around the world! The 'Weak' version of the system is now Open-Source, licensed under GPLv3. To build a WWD and an AI, we need men and women but also accessible tools. Support the MentDB community!

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