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MentDB Weak allows you to programm flow transfers using standardized APIs. These APIs will allow you to extract data from your business software, transform it and re-inject it into other software. The system has most of the standard APIs available on the market. No need to search, it's already in the system (SQL, XML, JSON, PDF, Text file, CSV, Excel, Word, FTP, sFTP, FTPs, SCP, SSH, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, CIFS, Compress, File Watcher, Web scraping, SOAP, REST etc ...). It becomes simple to connect to the Excel sheet of the secretary, and to transfer the data into the customer relationship software ... A few lines of code are enough.
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MQL source code example:
In this example, with 19 lines of MQL code, to send emails from a remote json file.

Send mails :
#Connect to a remote serveur to get json file;
tunnel connect "session1" {cm get "demo_cm_mentdb";};
json load "data" (tunnel execute "session1" (concat 
	(mql {
		file load "dir/data.json";
tunnel disconnect "session1";

#Parse the json array;
json parse_array "data" "/" "row" {

	#Send an email for each row;
	mail send "demo_cm_smtp" "jim@innov-ai.com" "" "" 
		(json select "row" /subject) 
		(json select "row" /body) 


Result : 1

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