TimeTracker is an open-source application, you can download and install it.

This is a time tracker manager. Simple and efficient!

If you want I can install a version for your company in my cloud (or in your company).
I can also create a platform account for you (time is individual).
Contact me at: jim@innov-ai.com

This application is based on MentDB Weak (MDBW) - Smart Earth tool & Artificial Intelligence.
Discover all of my 17 years of research and development ...

Download 'v_1.0.7' (works with MDB_2.4.0)
shasum: 4efb7c584d08bbbcb96f5b3eed2485d9d3c9e86a

  • Download and Install MDB_X.X.X (Choose the right version)
  • Start a MQL Editor
  • Unzip the file 'time_tracker_X.X.X.mql.zip'
  • Copy the MQL source code from the file 'time_tracker_X.X.X.mql'
  • Paste the MQL source code into the MQL Editor
  • Execute the MQL source code
  • Your application is ready!
  • Go to https://localhost:9999
  • Click on 'time_tracker'
  • Login 'system', password 'pwd'
  • Enjoy!

Demo: W109 - The time tracker


Old versions:

Download 'v_1.0.6' (works with MDB_2.3.2)
shasum: 97e8bde88764078d045c9d8dd2ae42da0e401b62

Download 'v_1.0.5' (works with MDB_2.3.1)
shasum: 72fbc6bf4fcac0ea6953a1b6dc4d52ddce24549b

Download 'v_1.0.4' (works with MDB_2.3.0)
shasum: 291345cea12bb28ce7ea3a39b4e267a0275c508c

Download 'v_1.0.3' (works with MDB_2.2.6)
shasum: f84a59477a7e640262fec2e01d87c83f7e861549

Download 'v_1.0.2' (works with MDB_2.2.5)
shasum: bf57498d9f2f4017ecd9c8899614322961114407

Download 'v_1.0.1' (works with MDB_2.2.5)
shasum: f1c6c83edc7ef5ea875b5c319cc6d202ca6de90b

Download 'v_1.0.0' (works with MDB_2.2.5)
shasum: e17874a41007f0f5e29b66cfb06772d7d54ac33a

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