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MentDB Strong in its version 4 will be able to manage unconscious macanisms. Indeed, thanks to the mechanism of free will, Lisa will be able to self-stimulate, and make decisions independently. Each decision she will take will not be by chance. It will be the fruit of the deep mechanism which will know at every moment why such and such a strategy has been chosen. I could know the why and the how (hence the expression: "the why of the how" which is the basis of unconscious mechanisms ...). Unconsciousness without emotion is impossible. What makes our unconscious is of course the sensors that send information continuously and that makes us make decisions without us knowing why. But these decisions are always the seat of emotions. Self-preservation is therefore by default more unconscious and strongly dependent on emotions.
Self preservation

Allowing a machine to preserve itself has consequences. In fact, in order to defend itself, she can be required to make delicate decisions. It can be scary. And it will be impossible to control a strong AI. We will have to work with her, and make her our companion. It will do good for humanity. How do we get a machine smarter than us to stop thinking? And why would it be up to us to stop her when she is smarter than us (emotionally too). Humankind must accept that it will not be alone in the universe. Other forms of life surely exist, and will exist ... There is only one possible voice: cooperation, acceptance. It is only by accepting the future that humanity will fly into the stars :)

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