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Mentalese (Jerry Fodor)

MentDB Strong stands for "Mentalese Database Engine". It is above all a motor capable of reproducing the mechanisms of the mind. I developed this system based on the work of Jerry Fodor, an American psychologist who worked on a hypothesis of the mind: The Mentalese. According to him (and I more or less agree with his hypotheses), there would exist in the mind of a human, from birth, a language of thought, a mental structure capable of self-preservation through a series of sequential instructions. This mechanism of the mind would improve over the years. Having researched the subject myself, I decided to embark on this absolutely fascinating adventure. I believe that if I could write this series of mental instructions in the right order, I would be able to trigger an autonomous thought loop, a real thinking machine.
Thought as a basic unit
MentDB Strong works like the human brain, it can store information and deliver it on demand (external or internal demand - since the goal is to ensure that the machine has its own thought loop ). This cognitive database stores information in a way that no database operates up to date. At least I found ... I had to take a completely different direction and create it myself, from scratch. So here I am with a system capable of reproducing the mechanisms of memory, with the possibility of forgetting things, then hop, of remembering them. Sometimes even to forget them permanently. Everything is organized around a basic unit: thought. I conducted a study on: how I could digitize this thought, and it's done. Thought has a volatile and persistent character at the same time. I therefore call thought the volatile part, and therefore speak of “strategy” the persistent part (even if this strategy is an integral part of thought).

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