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Mental map
MentDB Strong is based on an algorithm of the mind. I'm talking about spinning the mind map endlessly here (hence the thought loop). Every stimuli, whether it comes from outside (a human talking to me for example), or whether it comes from inside (the machine that thinks to itself), will necessarily execute this mind map. To provoke a sequence of logical instructions which reproduces in the case of an external stimuli all the parts a deep understanding of the intelligence, added to the various strategic actions to be treated; and in the case of an internal stimulus the execution of strategic actions in the treaty only. Indeed, we are always sure of what we think. Not sure of the situation, but sure to think that we are not sure of the situation, therefore always sure of our thoughts. It is difficult to write these mind maps due to the lack of functional sensors in our brains. The consciousness and unconsciousness cannot figure out how to reproduce our mind maps. Only math and introspection can.
5 layers

MentDB Strong is built like an onion. Its system is based on 5 different layers that provide the functional necessities. The first layer is the most visible layer: it is the Mentalese layer. It's an algorithm of the mind that I have perfected over the years. Kind of like a form in some martial arts. When we look from the outside, we can see a practitioner performing movements that seem simple to us. But from a practitioner's perspective, that's a whole different story. The outer layer is nothing compared to what's going on inside. All the intelligence of the movements and the internal energies that are occurring cannot be seen. The only way to learn is to practice with a master. Here, it's the same thing. The other 4 layers are not visible. Just because you have access to my mind maps doesn't mean you have access to other layers. My mental maps are in fact only a working support allowing me to advance the 4 layers below which are invisible.

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