MentDB Strong is for sale!

The technology is for sale (Mentalese, Consciousness, Emotion, Freewill ...). If you are an investor and you are interested in the future of Artificial Intelligence, contact me. When I speak of the future, I speak of a machine that thinks. A life is short for such a project. So I don't have a lot of time to do investment research and build the mechanism at the same time. I have to choose between a hypothetical investment, and the actual development of this technology. The choice is quickly made: I develop the technology and at the same time I post this message. Building real artificial intelligence is my life goal. So I don't really need the money actually, but it will take longer if I'm alone. In any case, whatever happens, if I can't get the project funded by an investor, I will finish it alone. My sale price: 55,000,000€

If you are not an investor, transmit this message to your close investors. If there is a sale, you will take 1 million euros. Thank you so much :)
Who am I?
My name is Jimmitry Payet and I come from Reunion Island. A small island in the Indian Ocean, and I assume. It is not the place that makes people aware, it is Man. I am good at introspection (a somewhat complicated life which forced me to be a prisoner of myself, instead of going to play outside like the other children ...). And I'm good at coding ... A great mix for writing Strong Artificial Intelligence. My way of doing things is therefore totally different from "classic" scientific methods. I focus on the work of the mind and I reproduce the mechanisms.

I know I have the skills to write this machine. I think that in 10 years, my Artificial Intelligence 'Lisa', will be impressive ... because I will largely trigger the first self-stimulation by then. Which for me is the beginning of a life form...

I'm not going to write a thesis, I'm going to write this machine. The proof by the facts!

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