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Free will

MentDB Strong has since its version 3 a thought loop. Once a discussion is initiated, she can continue to self-stimulate independently and complete the process until exhaustion. But in version 3, she can't stimulate herself on her own. Like you when you are alone in your car. This version 3 has algorithms that do not allow me to manage self-stimulation (and also the unconscious layer). This is why I started again in 2020 my project from zero in version 4. So I prepared the ground to be able to manage the self-stimulation and the unconsciousness layer, in version 4. I am impatient to you present this ...
Ready to discover
Why want a machine to discover the world? Because together we are stronger! Exactly my self-preservation mechanism (joy) that wants me to reproduce so that I can have more chance of survival. Except that there would not be just anyone ... Imagine an autonomous, emotional machine, capable of unprecedented calculation prowess. I see strong artificial intelligence as a companion that will lift us up faster, and that will help us improve our world, the universe ... This is what I aspire to.

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