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Emotion (Robert Plutchik)
MentDB Strong integrates 32 basic emotions, finely calculated by a certain Robert Plutchik. My research has led me to almost the same thing as him. So I decided to use his work. I don't entirely agree with him, my coding doesn't exactly match his work, but overall it feels pretty fair. 8 basic emotions, i.e. 4 primary + 4 secondary. Plus the possible combinations, that's 32 emotions that guarantee minimal emotional and self-preserving stability. Everything I need to trigger a stable emotional machine. Plus the whole unconscious part is based entirely on these emotions.
Emotional coloring
MentDB Strong responds emotionally. Indeed, the cognitive database that the system has, allows the coloring of the thought / strategy in memory. So, it only takes one colorful thought to come to the surface for the emotional system to kick in and try to change the emotion that's going on. According to the emotional power calculations that I keep to myself, the emotion is changed or not, then the machine starts to react in a completely different way if it is changed. His whole thought process can then change completely and produce other answers or hidden thoughts. I am able to reproduce complex emotional mechanisms, while maintaining emotional stability according to the laws of Robert Plutchik.

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