This project aims to reach Smart Earth (technically a WWD): that the whole world is able to collaborate and coordinate all together, safely. WWD ? What is it? WWD literally means 'World Wide Data'. It is a global strategy. A concept of widespread standardization of the exchange of data or intelligences in real time between companies and softwares in the world. You know the SmartCities ... but do you know its generalized version: the Smart Earth? To connect all the data together and benefit from maximum optimization, you need a standardization of data exchange. A WWD. MentDB allows this. It is a very ambitious project for one man, but I look forward to the arrival of a international force, an entity dependent on all countries of the world in the same time, which would become responsible for it. Smart Earth is for everyone. The future of our planet depends on it.
Today if we want to know the amount of energy that a country produces in real time, it is impossible to know. Yet it is a primoidial question. And there are others ... But with a WWD, it's possible. Sooner or later, the world will have to connect together. We can no longer allow each company / country to take all the decisions it pleases. This will displease many people, but bad decisions made by some will impact others. At this scale, there are no peoples / countries, but a human species. And if the planet sinks, we will all be in this sinking boat. At some point, the international force will have to intervene to have access to certain "planetary security" data. The question of real time is too important. When researchs / analysis are going to be launched on a large scale to calculate the best choices for the planetary environment, it is necessary to have accurate and real-time data. At a given moment, the real time will become and / or must be non-negotiable on certain type of data.

To reach such a level of efficiency, I developed a server which generalizes the exchange of "data", and better still, of business process: MentDB Weak. You take full control of your data from any MentDB server if you have the rights. All streams are automatically encrypted. You can connect to a server on another network to gain access to all of the remote resources you need, as if those resources were on the same network as your primary MentDB server. The concept of network becomes invisible as if all of your data came from a single database. Everything becomes simple with this tool. In addition, the MQL programming language is also very simple to use. It's like PL-SQL, but generalized. The power of my tool is at your service.
In this example, with 49 lines of MQL code, I transfer data line by line between 3 MentDB servers. The central server retrieves a CSV file from one of the other two, and from the central server, sends the data to the third MentDB server in a MySQL database ... 49 lines of code to do all that is not much.

Standardization of the data exchange :

#Connect my local MentDB server to 2 different remote MentDB servers;
tunnel connect "session_CSV" {cm get "demo_cm_mentdb_1";};
tunnel connect "session_SQL" {cm get "demo_cm_mentdb_2";};

#Get a remote CSV file and save content into the variable [CSV];
-> "[remote_csv_file]" "/Users/jimmitry/Desktop/data.csv";
-> "[CSV]" (tunnel execute "session_CSV" (concat 
	"-> \"[remote_csv_file]\" " (mql encode [remote_csv_file]) ";"
	(mql {
		file load [remote_csv_file];

#Write the [CSV] variable into a local file;
file create "data/to_parse.csv" [CSV];

#Make a remote SQL connection (MySQL);
tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
	(mql {
		sql connect "session_mysql" {cm get "demo_cm_mysql";};

#Parse the local file and make action on each line;
csv parse (mql "T") (mql "data/to_parse.csv") (mql ",") (mql "'") (mql "NAME,QUANTITY,DEPTH") {

	#Write the column A into the logs files;
	log trace [T_NAME];
	#Insert the column A into a remote database;
	tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
		"-> \"[A]\" " (mql encode [T_NAME]) ";"
		(mql {
		    	sql dml "session_mysql" (concat "insert into products (name) values (" (sql encode [A]) ");");


#Close the remote SQL connection (MySQL);
tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
	(mql {
		sql disconnect "session_mysql";

#Close MentDB connections;
tunnel disconnect "session_CSV";
tunnel disconnect "session_SQL";

Result : 1


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