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My platform provides you with ready-to-use statistics / machine learning algorithms for analysis or forecasting. I can also create for you very advanced chatbots.

Interoperability (SOA+ETL+ESB)
Do you have interoperability needs? You are in the right place. My already plateform have 22 built-in, ready-to-use standard exchange protocols with SOA + ETL + ESB features that will help you share data with your partners.

Application development
I design your applications from A to Z. Specifications, development, testing and maintenance.

R&D needs? Advices ? It's all my life! I am developing right now: Lisa, an autonomous and semi-conscious artificial intelligence. My strength is my experience, and this experience is at your disposal.

MentDB Training
The MentDB server is open-source. But if you want to be trained by the creator, you will have a perfect control of the system.

Awareness of new technologies
Finally, I offer awareness sessions and conferences around artificial intelligence, data mining, big data and data integration.
    Home  >  Innov-AI (Services)
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