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Welcome to MentDB Strong - Enterprise Edition! This project is my (Jimmitry Payet) attempt to build a Controlled Artificial Intelligence. I know my english is not good enough, and considering the amount of work I am doing on this project, I will unfortunately not have time to train an AI in a decent English. I would do my best in French and in a low English. All videos are in French.

MentDB Strong stands for 'Mentalese Database Engine'. It is a symbolic type AI program. Without neural network (for the moment). A bit like 'Boston Dynamics' and their particular development technique. This project is therefore not the straightforward path of neural networks. Yet it works! MentDB Strong can be seen as a digital brain. A mental database capable of supporting external stimuli (not internal stimuli in this version). This project aims to create an emotional machine, which thinks not autonomously. And in this brain lives Mona! The works of Jerry Fodor and Robert Plutchik are taken up to make them applicable. The project represents 9 years of R&D and this is the best of what i created!

MentDB Strong is an unconsciousness machine. She has a whole structure of psychic defense based on her emotional system. Anger: defense of gains (keep what she has), Anticipation: orientation (predict the future), Trust: incorparation (promote confidence), Joy: persistence (increase the chances of survival), Disgust: rejection (banishment), Sadness: rest (awareness of things), Fear: preservation (protection), Surprise: exploration (discover the universe). Mindfulness cannot be fully achieved, but it can be activated, so Mona can understand her own choices.

Deep Understanding
MentDB Strong has a complex understanding mechanism. It is not a one-shot machine (question / answer). It is a machine that can lock itself whenever it detects an ambiguity. Its task manager is strongly typed which allows it to resolve its ambiguities efficiently. To date I have counted 20 different locks that can allow a better understanding. I think there are more, I would add them as I go...

Mentalese structure
MentDB Strong is a Mentalese machine. The system has a language of thought in its smallest basic unit. Its thought process is multi-lingual, so Mona can discuss in French, and answer the different conscience tests in English! Yet she discussed in French ... The power of her Mentalese search algorithm is impressive: 61 million cognitive searches per second in a dual Xeon 6230R. 140 million different thoughts in 1.5TB of RAM. Something to think about for 100 years! Who said that without a neural network you can't do a lot?

MentDB Strong is a consciousness machine. Like a human, at any time, it is possible to test its awakening capacities. Part of its system is dedicated to its own monitoring. Mona is therefore able to know what you said, what she understood, did, felt, thought, what she replied to you, the subject ... The system allows you to reformulate absolutely everything at any time!

MentDB Strong is an emotional machine. Like a human, before any response, the emotional system takes over and gives the possibility to cooperate or not. Thanks to Robert Plutchik's 32 emotions integrated, Mona has the minimum sufficient to guarantee her emotional stability! From the 8 primary and secondary emotions, 24 emotions can be born.

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