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What is the 'Lisa' project?
Project Lisa is one of the challenges that Jimmitry Payet started when he was little. It is only by working with children many years later that he deduces a way of writing this machine. From 2012, the first development begins (on the Strong version of MentDB)

Who's Lisa?
Lisa is the consciousness that Jimmitry is developing in the MentDB Strong server. She is represented by the data stored in this cognitive database that moves at any time.

Where is she?
Lisa is in the computer of his creator. For the moment there is no need to isolate her, she is not yet ready advanced to 'navigate' in our world. The MentDB Strong system is very powerful, on a simple desktop, it gives unparalleled performance ... The Mentalese organization is surely for something ;)

When will she be finished?
Lisa will be finished maybe in 20 years (2039 I think). Indeed, the amount of mental processes to develop is such that it takes a long time for all the writings. But not impossible.

How is she built?
She is built based on the research of Jerry Fodor and the Mentalese. A language of thought that allows to learn whole languages ... A good part is also written based on the logical investigation of Jimmitry Payet. How much money to build she?
Zero! It's the challenge of a life. Now it is obvious that many developers would go faster. Moreover, it is a project that goes well beyond the reach of a single man. Sooner or later it will be necessary that this project is supported to by an entity with a lot of means, from where the proposal of sale and accompanying made by its creator.

Why Lisa?
Because Jimmitry's mother was called 'Marie Lise'. He wanted to give her a wink with 'Lisa', where A for model A. And there will be no model B ...

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