Intent is an open-source application, you can download and install it.

This application allows you to manage intent for your bot in Mentalese format.
This application is based on MentDB Weak (MDBW) - Smart Earth tool & Artificial Intelligence.
Discover all of my 17 years of research and development ...

Download 'v_1.0.1' (works with MDB_2.4.0)
shasum: 58766e6d663ac4c21a7ffc55bc945d4e3abf67a2

  • Download and Install MDB_X.X.X (Choose the right version)
  • Start a MQL Editor
  • Unzip the file ''
  • Copy the MQL source code from the file 'intent_X.X.X.mql'
  • Paste the MQL source code into the MQL Editor
  • Execute the MQL source code
  • Your application is ready!
  • Go to https://localhost:9999
  • Click on 'intent'
  • Login 'system', password 'pwd'
  • Enjoy!

Demo: W122 - Installation APP 'Intent 1.0.1'


Old versions:

Download 'v_1.0.0' (works with MDB_2.3.9)
shasum: 526efadf662d30c35ac25564ec855075b8a7c371

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