Search Engin

Do you have text-based data or an in-house knowledge base?
  • This can be very interesting! Did you know that you can have your own search engine?
  • What interest? A search engine allowing you to find your products quickly.
  • Just with your voice, or with a search bar like Google does!
  • But anything you add to it will be private to your business.
  • I can do this, and can provide you with my very powerful alogithms.

Ultimate cognitivity

Understanding the user should be at the center of everything.
  • Reaching an ultimate level of cognitivity is essential to understand the user's requests as accurately as possible.
  • This is precisely the goal of my research on Mentalese: ultimate indexing.
  • I therefore suggest that you use my algorithms to give simplicity and time to your employees.
  • Direct access to knowledge and your products is very important.

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