Do you need application interoperabilities?
  • Its my specialty. Transferring data from one software to another is my main task.
  • I even created an express software to help you do it: MentDB Weak (26 standard APIs).
  • This software has APIs 'ready to use' and is Open-Source!
  • Thanks to this server, I will be able to get rid of all the networks of your company, and in complete safety!
  • All of your apps will be seen as one app.

No limit!

Don't change software, make them compatible!
  • It has never been easier to connect the secretary's Excel sheet with the company's CRM software.
  • You don't change software, you make them compatible!
  • The system takes care of security, can trigger jobs every evening at 8 p.m...
  • Send emails, and transfer data from one software to another as if they were really one and the same application ...
  • You can create a web application, and see data from another network in different applications ...
  • There is no limit!

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