HPC & Clustering

Do you have a lot of calculations or processes to deal with?
  • Think of me right away! I created a tool specifically for this.
  • And who is best placed to harness the full power of the tool? Its creator.
  • For example, do you have a lot of files with 1,000,000 lines of data to integrate?
  • I can install a cluster of N machines at your place, or make them available to you in my cloud.
  • The machines will be configured to split your files into several parts, and the processes will be distributed to each node of the cluster.
  • Maximum efficiency guaranteed!

High Availability

MentDB Weak is clusterizable!
  • MentDB technology allows me to quickly configure multiple computers to make more than one.
  • You transfer your treatments to a machine, and all the machines do the work.
  • The MQL language uses the power of Java servlets, and has been optimized to achieve high performance.
  • Trust in technology, but above all, give your customers the possibility of working without any breakdown!
  • A 100% 'up' service!

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