Database Administrator

Do you have one or more SQL databases? Having trouble configuring them?
  • If you are new to SQL, I can help you.
  • It's a language that I understand well. Indeed I have already worked with more than 14 different database engines.
  • Each of these databases does not exactly comply with the SQL 92 standard. It is therefore necessary to adapt.
  • So my experience goes beyond that of a single SQL engine. I can present the differences in low level operation of each engine.
  • Whether it is to manage your system files, or to optimize your queries, call me!

SQL optimization

A priority from the start of a project!
  • An SQL query can be written in several different ways. But which one is the most efficient?
  • Many projects are rushed up, and SQL queries are not optimized.
  • And it can be expensive when the data load of applications reaches its peak.
  • The order of SQL statements in 'WHERE' type filters can be very important.
  • Setting up an index is also a priority, but not just anywhere, otherwise the opposite effect will occur.
  • Middle art is the solution. But it takes someone who knows how to do it.

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