Your data is not of quality? I can provide you with a 'Data-Quality' service.
  • Some applications may have been created in a hurry, and filters on forms may not have been set ...
  • Lined with employees who are very busy with time, some fields can be filled with bad data. It's human.
  • A phone number in an email field can cause bugs on the robots that will be responsible for emailing.
  • My mission will be to analyze your applications, the structures of tables, but especially the data which is there.
  • Identify false positives to rule them out and you give as much clue as possible to their origins.
  • The air of nothing, it's a job in its own right!

The urgency often questioned.

Slowing down is sometimes not a bad idea.
  • Indeed, we are all under the pressure of the same machine: productivity at all costs.
  • But sometimes taking your time at the right time is very important, otherwise we pay for it later ...
  • This is why it is important to know how to surround yourself with people with high added value.
  • My long years of experience have allowed me to go to places that few people go.
  • I see the problems coming from afar ... so I put my expertise at your disposal.

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