A chatbot can handle up to 70% of the simplest questions!
  • If you want to implement these robots in your company, you can.
  • Note that my most in-depth research is mainly focused on this part.
  • I create 'symbolic' type artificial intelligence programs that will save you time.
  • Your chatbots will be developed in AIML + MQL or in pure Mentalese (MQL).

Mentalese technology

A language of thought
  • My Mentalese technology is more powerful than AIML, but it's a bit more complicated to handle.
  • Indeed, the power of Mentalese lies in the possibility of merging meanings of words in different languages.
  • The engine is therefore able to better understand the user request.
  • If you wish, I can make an instance with this technology available to you on my cloud or more simply in AIML.

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