Asynchronous Development

Do you need to automate processes over time? I know how to do.
  • A process can be synchronous or asynchronous, that is to say: respectively put you on hold until the processing ends, or not.
  • Dealing with processes that don't put you on hold is a special kind of development (asynchronous).
  • In fact, as there is no direct return, you must plan to register the return for later.
  • This type of development brings speed for the user, and must be carried out with a master hand.
  • I therefore offer you my services to carry out your missions.

Stack and jobs

MentDB in force!
  • MentDB Weak has been created for asynchronous processing.
  • A stack system (process manager) has been integrated to allow you to guarantee the stability of your mechanisms.
  • I can thus trace the execution of your processes from the parent to the child processes.
  • Consult and customize the logs of the different processes.
  • Trigger your processes every day at 10 a.m. or every 10 minutes ...
  • All this developed in record time!

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