Analytics & Machine Learning

Do you have analysis and prediction needs? Can I help you:
  • I master some algorithms and can make them available to you.
  • My regression algorithms will allow you to predict the future of your activity thanks to the data that you have already collected (or to collect).
  • My clustering and distance calculation algorithms will allow you, for example, to classify your customers into categories. It will be simple thereafter to predict their psychological profile or other classification ...
  • My "Path Finder" type algorithms are at your disposal. You can quickly calculate the best possible routes between 2 positions.
  • I can also classify your entities using Bayesian type networks.
  • I can also do emotional analysis on your texts.

Neural network

Deep learning
  • Got data, but can't figure out how to leverage it?
  • Neural networks which are able to take into account a multitude of input parameters are there to help you.
  • I connect to your data with my MentDB Weak platform.
  • I analyze and normalize your data so that they can be used by neural networks.
  • I configure your neural networks, and I train them.
  • Training a neural network is no easy task. My knowledge is at your disposal.

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