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Roadmap | MentDB Weak Server

Priority 9
  • {null} must return null and not an error
  • Add create script form
  • Get by email the commit and deploiment state
  • In editor, send only data for connection/admin, not send right click
  • Stop current MQL execution
  • Deploiment in GUI mode
  • Add functions "tunel put" and "tunel get"
  • Add FireBird into FULL integrated database with MentDB
  • 'public' Web-Services are not accessible (Server Error with 'api-rest' granted)
Priority 8
  • Application supervision: Add alert from neural network into the application
  • Auto training neural network on script if activated + send mail to an admin if prediction is bad
Priority 7
  • Graph visualization of a flow
Priority 6
  • Function "remote" to give an unique MQL code to send files throught FTP/SSH/SFTP/FTPS/CIFS...
  • Create AutoReport application
  • Bug when change the screen size into the editor
Priority 5
  • Improve Download from remote SQL database to local database (alter table auto)
Priority 1
  • Save CPU and RAM every 5 minutes
  • Access RS232
  • More Machine Learning algorithm
  • API public, warning root password in plain + check if user password is used correctly
  • Improve user management for the API part
  • Password in CM to encrypt
  • Editor: F3 to continue to search
  • Installation des apps en automatique
  • Group job in editor
  • Editor: Adapt the column size for table by the title of the column
  • Editor: create a shortcut manager to give the user the possibility to add their own souce code
  • DL4J: Image training
  • Google drive integration
  • Add Active Directory access to the Web application manager
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