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Commit a MQL Script

  • Right click on the 'math.addition.exe' and select 'Commit'
  • version commit_script "admin,sys" "math.addition.exe" "first commit";
  • Select one group only (admin)
  • Change the message for your commit ('first commit')
  • version commit_script "admin" "math.addition.exe" "this is my first commit";
  • "20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT";
  • You receive a commit ID
  • Right click on the 'admin' group and select 'Show commits'
  • version show_commits "admin" ".*.*" 100;
  • You can search a specific message
  • Click on Execute button
          admin - first commit
          version show_scriptnames admin 20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT;
          version show_scripts admin 20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT;
  • Select 'version show_scriptnames admin 20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT;' and Right click on 'Eval MQL...'
  • "<20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT>
    version show_script admin 20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT math.addition.exe.mql;
  • Select 'version show_script admin 20230804114436_WlueVW_lbEH4q_CMT math.addition.exe.mql;' and Right click on 'Eval MQL...'
  • script merge "math.addition.exe" true 1 
      	(var "[v1]" {true} "The number 1" is_null:true is_empty:true "10")
      	(var "[v2]" {type is_double [v2]} "The number 2" is_null:true is_empty:true "20")
      "Make an addition ..." 
    	log write "My message ..." OK "cmd" 425;
    	#Your MQL source code here...;
    	+ [v1] [v2];
    } "Return the result of the addition";
    script set delay "math.addition.exe" 0 day {1};
  • You find your script which was saved at time T
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