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Set MQL delay on a stack process

  • When you execute a script into the stack (asynchrounous process), by default, when the time is right, the script is executed.
  • But there is a silente condition ...
  • Right click on the 'math.addition.exe' and select 'Set delay'
  • script set delay "math.addition.exe" 0 day {1};
  • 1 is a true value, so the script is executed directly when the time is right.
  • Here I update the MQL condition (1) and change the delay configuration (every 10 minutes)
  • script set delay "math.addition.exe" 10 min {
    	if (file exist "tmp/my_file_name.txt") {
    	} {
  • So, when the time is right, if the file 'my_file_name.txt' exists then the script is executed and close definitively,
  • Else the script is not executed and the execution timestamp will be added 10 minutes.
  • 10 minutes later there will be a new attempt.
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