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Create a WEB application

  • First copy the 'default' MQL source scripts to your new organization
  • script copy all "app.100.template.default" "app.100.template.new_organization";
  • After, create your application on your new organisation MQL source code:
  • You can use 'http' or 'https'
  • The context is used into the URL of your new application: (http://localhost:8080/context_new_organization)
  • The context 'context_new_organization' points to MQL script starting by 'app.100.template.new_organization*'
  • 100 is the version 1.0.0 of your application
  • app create "http" "context_new_organization" "new_organization" "100";
  • After, create your application on your new organisation:
  • Your application was created!
  • You can show it from your portal: https://localhost:9999/
  • Direct access: http://localhost:8080/context_new_organization/
  • Default user/password: system/pwd or admin/pwd
  • Your application has 3 menus and the last is linked with charts by defaut
  • Go to the section Web Application Framework from the documentation for more information...
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