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  • Here the complete server identity
  • metric system;
  • "AI: Lisa Payet
    ID: g9iIjiEb4v4j
    MentDB: v_3.1.8
    Author: Jimmitry PAYET, Programmer Analyst
    Java: v_1.8.0_181, Oracle Corporation
    Linux: v_4.15.0-1098-gcp, amd64, nb_proc: 2
    Cpu jvm: 0.5%, Cpu sys: 0.8%, Used jvm mem: 1941/2909/7111M, Used mem: 7781/8228M, Used swap mem: 0/0M
    File system roots:
      - [/] 32%, usedSpace: 9592M, freeSpace: 20005M, totalSpace: 29597M
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