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Read a text file

  • script merge "" false 1 
      	(var "[fileName]" {true} "The file name" is_null:false is_empty:false "test.txt")
      "Parse a text file" 
    	#Load the connection id;
    	json load "cm" (cm get "demo_cm_file");
    	-> "[localDir]" (json select "cm" /localDir);
    	#Open a reader;
    	file reader_open "r1" (concat [localDir] "/" [fileName]) TEXT "utf-8";
    	try {
    		#Parse the file;
    		while (is not null (-> "[line]" (file reader_get_line "r1"));) {
    			log trace (concat "line=" [line]);
    		#Close the reader;
    		file reader_close "r1";
    	} {
    		#Close the reader;
    		try {file reader_close "r1";} {} "[sub_err]";
    		#Generate an error;
    		exception (1) ([err]);
    	} "[err]";
    ;} "Return 1";
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