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Method: post get put delete exe conf app

  • Click on the 'Add script button'
  • Here the generated script:
  • script create get|post|put|delete|conf|exe "folder.folder.your_script_name" false 1
      	(var "[v1]" {true} "description ..." is_null:true is_empty:true "10")
      	(var "[v2]" {type is_double [v2]} "description ..." is_null:true is_empty:true "20")
      "description ..."
    	#Your MQL source code here...;
    } "Return ...";
  • Select the methode between: get|post|put|delete|conf|exe
  • get: accessible throught AUTO-REST API in GET method
  • post: accessible throught AUTO-REST API in POST method
  • put: accessible throught AUTO-REST API in PUT method
  • delete: accessible throught AUTO-REST API in DELETE method
  • conf: Use exclusively by Web application manager to configure an application
  • exe: Used for all other scripts that runs outside of AUTO-REST APIs
  • Here I select the methode 'exe', not accessible throught AUTO-REST APIs
  • Update the nane and the description in/out of the script
  • script create exe "math.addition" false 1
      	(var "[v1]" {true} "The number 1" is_null:true is_empty:true "10")
      	(var "[v2]" {type is_double [v2]} "The number 2" is_null:true is_empty:true "20")
      "Make an addition ..."
    	#Your MQL source code here...;
    	+ [v1] [v2];
    } "Return the result of the addition";
  • Click on one 'Execute' buttons
  • "Script added with successful.";
  • Click on 'DEVEL refresh' button
  • Your script is now visible into the script tree...
  • Right click on the 'math.addition.exe' and select 'Execute (clipboard)'
  • Your execution MQL source code is in the clipboard
  • Go to a new MQL page
  • and type [CTRL]+[V] (Paste)
  • execute "math.addition.exe"
    	"[v1]" "10"
    	"[v2]" "20"
  • Click on one 'Execute' buttons
  • "30";
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