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Create a SMTP connection (to send mail)

  • To create a SMTP connection (to send mail):
  • Right click on 'Mail' and select 'Create smtp connection'
  • cm set "demo_cm_smtp" {execute "mail.smtp.config.get"
    	"[hostname]" ""
    	"[port]" "465"
    	"[sender]" ""
    	"[user]" ""
    	"[password]" "pwd"
    	"[authentication]" true
    	"[tls]" true
    	"[connectTimeout]" "10000"
    	"[sessionTimeout]" "60000"
  • Update the configuration name 'demo_cm_smtp' used by MQL source code
  • Update the configuration connection and save
  • Execute buttons
  • Refresh the tree
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