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Generate MQL to DOWNLOAD files from a remote FTPs connection

  • To generate MQL to DOWNLOAD files from a remote FTPs connection:
  • Right click on 'demo_cm_ftps' and select 'GEN > DOWNLOAD FILES'
  • script create post "" false 1 
      	(var "[remoteDirectory]" {true} "The remote directory" is_null:false is_empty:false "/Users/jimmitry/Desktop")
      	(var "[filter]" {true} "The file filter from the remote directory" is_null:false is_empty:false ".*png")
      	(var "[localDirectory]" {true} "The local directory" is_null:false is_empty:false "/Users/jimmitry/Desktop/ftp")
      "Download file through FTPS" 
    	try {
    		#Connect to the FTPS server;
    		ftps connect "session1" {cm get "demo_cm_ftps";};
    		ftps set type "session1" "BINARY";
    		#Move to the remote directory;
    		ftps cd "session1" [remoteDirectory];
    		#Get all remote files;
    		json load "files" (ftps ls "session1" [filter]);
    		#Get all files;
    		-> "[nbFiles]" (json count "files" "/");
    		for (-> "[i]" 0) (< [i] [nbFiles]) (++ "[i]") {
    			-> "[filename]" (json select "files" (concat "/[" [i] "]/name"));
    			ftps get "session1" [filename] (concat [localDirectory] "/" [filename]);
    		ftps disconnect "session1";
    	} {
    		#Close objects;
    		try {ftps disconnect "session1";} {} "[sub_err]";
    		#Generate an error;
    		exception (1) ([err]);
    	} "[err]";
    } "Return nothing";
  • Update the script and save
  • Execute buttons
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