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List a folder from a FTP connection

  • To list a folder from a FTP connection:
  • Double click on your remote directory 'remoteDirectory_ftp'
  • ftp disconnect all;
    ftp connect "session1" {cm get "demo_cm_ftp";};
    ftp set timeout 10000;
    if (0) {ftp active "session1";};
    if (0) {ftp passive "session1";};
    if (is not empty "remoteDirectory_ftp") {ftp cd "session1" "remoteDirectory_ftp";};
    -> "[result]" (ftp ls "session1" "*");
    ftp disconnect "session1";
  • "[
        \"name\": \"filename.txt\",
        \"lastModified\": \"2023-08-06 06:32:39\",
        \"isDir\": \"0\"
  • Load the JSON and parse it to get data...
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