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Generate Web-Service to DELETE on table

  • To generate Web-Service to DELETE on table:
  • Right click on the table 'apps' and select 'GEN WS > DELETE'
  • script create delete "MENTDB.apps.delete" false 1
      "Delete an element from the table 'apps'."
    	try {
    		#Connection ...;
    		sql connect "session1" {cm get "MENTDB"};
    		-> "[result]" (sql dml "session1" (concat 
    			"DELETE FROM public.apps
    		#Disconnection ...;
    		sql disconnect "session1";
    		# Return the json;
    	} {
    		#Close the connection;
    		try {sql disconnect "session1"} {} "[sub_err]";
    		#Generate an error;
    		exception (1) ([err]);
    	} "[err]";
    } "Return the number of impacted lines.";
  • Update the script and save:
  • Execute buttons
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