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Generate SCRUD application

  • Before generate CRUD application, your application must already be created
  • Click here to create an application
  • To generate SCRUD application
  • Double click on the connection
  • Double click on the table
  • Update the context of your application and the MQL prefix of your application
  • Execute button
  • The two last lines return are:
  • #Write this into the home page;
    #include "app.100.template.new_organization.actions.MENTDB.apps.skeleton.exe";
  • Open the script '' in your application new_organization:
  • Copy and paste 'include "app.100.template.new_organization.actions.MENTDB.apps.skeleton.exe"' in the script:
  • script merge "" false 1 
      "Show the home page" 
    	include (concat "app." [app_version] ".template." [app_template] ".html.body_top_doc.exe");
    	#Your container code here;
    	include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.container.exe" "[id]" "" "[name]" "" "[class]" "" "[style]" "";
    		include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.row.exe" "[id]" "" "[name]" "" "[class]" "" "[style]" "";
    			include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.col.exe" "[id]" "container_id_1" "[name]" "" "[class]" "col-12 col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12" "[style]" ""; include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.div.end.exe";
    		include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.div.end.exe";
    	include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.div.end.exe";
    	include "app.100.obj.sajax.skeleton.onload.exe"
    		"[scriptname]" (concat "app." [app_version] ".template." [app_template] ".page.home.onload.exe")
    		"[client_data]" (json select "app" "/param")
    	include "app.100.template.new_organization.actions.MENTDB.apps.skeleton.exe";
    	include (concat "app." [app_version] ".template." [app_template] ".html.body_bottom.exe");
    ;} "The 'home' page";
  • Execute button
  • Go to your application new_organization: https://localhost:9999/ or direct link: http://localhost:8080/context_new_organization/
  • User/password: system/pwd
  • The basic SCRUD is generated, now you can update the generated source code...
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