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Welcome to MentDB Weak Server!

This project attempt to reach Smart Earth (technically: World Wide Data). A generalized data driver! One programming language to unify everything, making all the data in our world easily accessible, uniformly exchangeable, and transferable with the maximum possible security. Only like this can the great problems of our world be solved... It is open source (GPLv3)!

MentDB Weak is a real development platform: ETL + ESB + SOA + WebAPP + AI(Weak) = all in one. You control your company data as if it were a single database, you build applications, and you train prediction machines... Even with different networks or software! The project represents 18 years of R&D.
Server Architecture
Extract Transform and Load
MentDB Weak allows you to do process of type: Extract Transform and Load (ETL). Automated your data transfers between your software (for example: Excel, text, csv, xml, json or email to your databases). Effectively manage the business logs generated by your processes. Research quickly to find bugs.
Enterprise Service Bus
MentDB Weak also allows you to manage business processes over time. Execute your treatments asynchronously. You send your request in the system, it receives them, returns a processing id, and processes your request when the time is right. Either by a condition (which can come from any MentDB server), or when the processor will be available (number of simultaneous executions to configure).
Service Oriented Architecture
MentDB Weak is a self-secure SOA server. Any process developed with MentDB are automatically REST-Full. You no longer develop web services. All you have to do is give rights. All your applications will be able to communicate with MentDB. Access data from all your networks, securely, as if there was only one. Take control of all your MentDB servers from a single point.
Web Application Framework
MentDB also allows you to create web applications in HTML / CSS, with a new SAJAX technology. No web-service to create, no https security (managed by the user session), AJAX development on the server side. Your applications will be quickly built...
Weak Artificial Intelligence
MentDB Weak has "ready to use" algorithms for practicing "weak" type artificial intelligence. Check your data quality, do analysis, train neural networks and do machine learning. Create chatbot in MQL.

All ETL + ESB + SOA + WebAPP + AI(Weak) functions can be controlled with MentDB Weak Editor...
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