Data Driver & Automation - Weak & Strong AI
Wha am I?
Jimmitry Payet - Researcher / Developer
Hi! My name is Jim and I am an experienced independent researcher / developer . I offer my private R&D skills to those who need it. Who am I ? Above all, I am a passionate at the service of humanity, a visionary and a determined person. Power and money does not interest me. It is the future that interests me!

1 - I am researching a machine capable of producing the ultimate Smart City = a Smart Earth (technically a World Wide Data). To be able to exchange data and especially intelligence between machines very quickly, and in a completely secure manner: MentDB Weak.

2 - I am also a researcher on strong artificial intelligence, focuses on consciousness, emotions and free will in a machine: MentDB Strong.

I want all countries in the world to benefit from my work, that's why I chose open-source.