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Research & Development
R&D needs? Advices ? It's all my life! I created a new programming language that makes exchanging streams and coding much simpler. My strength is my experience (25 years of programming), and this experience is at your disposal. Programming is not my first concern, if I think about the solution, you can consider that the coding will be done. My strength is my ability to search every possible corner and imaginable, to find the crucial points that will help unlock the situations. And when I search, I find!
Complex algorithm: Do you have complex algorithms to implement? Entrust them to me. I guarantee total secrecy on your research. I have already helped several companies in their Research and Development process. I help my clients to build the future, because the future is made up of innovations that necessarily involve R&D. My job is to find, I will find!
Do you need application interoperabilities? Its my specialty. Transferring data from one software to another is my main task. I even created an express software to help you do it: MentDB Weak (26 standard APIs). This software has APIs 'ready to use' and is Open-Source! Thanks to this server, I will be able to get rid of all the networks of your company, and in complete safety! All of your apps will be seen as one app.
No limit! Don't change software, make them compatible! It has never been easier to connect the secretary's Excel sheet with the company's CRM software. You don't change software, you make them compatible! The system takes care of security, can trigger jobs every evening at 8 p.m... Send emails, and transfer data from one software to another as if they were really one and the same application ... You can create a web application, and see data from another network in different applications ... There is no limit!
Asynchronous Development
Do you need to automate processes over time? I know how to do. A process can be synchronous or asynchronous, that is to say: respectively put you on hold until the processing ends, or not. Dealing with processes that don't put you on hold is a special kind of development (asynchronous). In fact, as there is no direct return, you must plan to register the return for later. This type of development brings speed for the user, and must be carried out with a master hand. I therefore offer you my services to carry out your missions.
Stack and jobs: MentDB in force! MentDB Weak has been created for asynchronous processing. A stack system (process manager) has been integrated to allow you to guarantee the stability of your mechanisms. I can thus trace the execution of your processes from the parent to the child processes. Consult and customize the logs of the different processes. Trigger your processes every day at 10 a.m. or every 10 minutes ... All this developed in record time!
Do you want to expose data or business processes to partners? Can I help you I connect to your databases. I analyze the structure of your different tables. I also take into account the applications that use these tables ... This maneuver can be complicated. If possible I automate APIzation processes by creating scripts that create APIs. In the worst case, you will have to develop a script for each case, but you will still be a winner in the end given the short time I will spend there.
A powerful tool at your disposal: Simplicity and efficiency come together. MentDB Weak has been designed to make API construction as easy as possible. Any script developed is automatically a REST API. Easier than that, it's impossible. It is with this tool that I will work for you. Don't waste any more time!
Web Development
Do you need application development skills? I have been a programmer since 1995. My specialties are the MQL, Java and Web languages. I can easily create your websites or your management software. I'm open to any other language, in the end, they almost all work the same way. Entrust me with your new developments and your current applications, I will keep them!
Analytics & Machine Learning
Do you have analysis and prediction needs? Can I help you I master some algorithms and can make them available to you. My regression algorithms will allow you to predict the future of your activity thanks to the data that you have already collected (or to collect). My clustering and distance calculation algorithms will allow you, for example, to classify your customers into categories. It will be simple thereafter to predict their psychological profile or other classification ... My "Path Finder" type algorithms are at your disposal. You can quickly calculate the best possible routes between 2 positions. I can also classify your entities using Bayesian type networks. I can also do emotional analysis on your texts.
Neural network: Deep learning: Got data, but can't figure out how to leverage it? Neural networks which are able to take into account a multitude of input parameters are there to help you. I connect to your data with my MentDB Weak platform. I analyze and normalize your data so that they can be used by neural networks. I configure your neural networks, and I train them. Training a neural network is no easy task. My knowledge is at your disposal.
A chatbot can handle up to 70% of the simplest questions! If you want to implement these robots in your company, you can. Note that my most in-depth research is mainly focused on this part. I create 'symbolic' type artificial intelligence programs that will save you time. Your chatbots will be developed in AIML + MQL or in pure Mentalese (MQL).
A language of thought: My Mentalese technology is more powerful than AIML, but it's a bit more complicated to handle. Indeed, the power of Mentalese lies in the possibility of merging meanings of words in different languages. The engine is therefore able to better understand the user request. If you wish, I can make an instance with this technology available to you on my cloud or more simply in AIML.
Your data is not of quality? I can provide you with a 'Data-Quality' service. Some applications may have been created in a hurry, and filters on forms may not have been set ... Lined with employees who are very busy with time, some fields can be filled with bad data. It's human. A phone number in an email field can cause bugs on the robots that will be responsible for emailing. My mission will be to analyze your applications, the structures of tables, but especially the data which is there. Identify false positives to rule them out and you give as much clue as possible to their origins. The air of nothing, it's a job in its own right!
The urgency often questioned. Slowing down is sometimes not a bad idea. Indeed, we are all under the pressure of the same machine: productivity at all costs. But sometimes taking your time at the right time is very important, otherwise we pay for it later ... This is why it is important to know how to surround yourself with people with high added value. My long years of experience have allowed me to go to places that few people go. I see the problems coming from afar ... so I put my expertise at your disposal.
Database Administrator
Do you have one or more SQL databases? Having trouble configuring them? If you are new to SQL, I can help you. It's a language that I understand well. Indeed I have already worked with more than 14 different database engines. Each of these databases does not exactly comply with the SQL 92 standard. It is therefore necessary to adapt. So my experience goes beyond that of a single SQL engine. I can present the differences in low level operation of each engine. Whether it is to manage your system files, or to optimize your queries, call me!
SQL optimization: A priority from the start of a project! An SQL query can be written in several different ways. But which one is the most efficient? Many projects are rushed up, and SQL queries are not optimized. And it can be expensive when the data load of applications reaches its peak. The order of SQL statements in 'WHERE' type filters can be very important. Setting up an index is also a priority, but not just anywhere, otherwise the opposite effect will occur. Middle art is the solution. But it takes someone who knows how to do it.
Search Engine
Do you have text-based data or an in-house knowledge base? This can be very interesting! Did you know that you can have your own search engine? What interest? A search engine allowing you to find your products quickly. Just with your voice, or with a search bar like Google does! But anything you add to it will be private to your business. I can do this, and can provide you with my very powerful alogithms.
Ultimate cognitivity: Understanding the user should be at the center of everything. Reaching an ultimate level of cognitivity is essential to understand the user's requests as accurately as possible. This is precisely the goal of my research on Mentalese: ultimate indexing. I therefore suggest that you use my algorithms to give simplicity and time to your employees. Direct access to knowledge and your products is very important.
HPC & Clustering
Do you have a lot of calculations or processes to deal with? Think of me right away! I created a tool specifically for this. And who is best placed to harness the full power of the tool? Its creator. For example, do you have a lot of files with 1,000,000 lines of data to integrate? I can install a cluster of N machines at your place, or make them available to you in my cloud. The machines will be configured to split your files into several parts, and the processes will be distributed to each node of the cluster. Maximum efficiency guaranteed!
High Availability: MentDB Weak is clusterizable! MentDB technology allows me to quickly configure multiple computers to make more than one. You transfer your treatments to a machine, and all the machines do the work. The MQL language uses the power of Java servlets, and has been optimized to achieve high performance. Trust in technology, but above all, give your customers the possibility of working without any breakdown! A 100% 'up' service!
MQL Assistance
Need help developing in MQL? The MQL language is a very accessible language, but like any language, some development requires to do it in a particular way. Each case is unique, if you subscribe to the 'MQL Assistance' offer, I will answer you more quickly. Contact me by email at: and I will explain the procedure to you. I wish you a master of MQL, and that your projects succeed!
Report: Before some of my interventions, it will sometimes be necessary to do an audit. Indeed, some of our decisions will have to be taken after considering the current state of your information system. I would come to your place, and take care of this task, providing you with a full and impartial report on the situation.
Company secret = pillar of my job: Advice and precaunization. Advice and precaunization based on customer objectives will be integrated in a neutral manner. You can (no hard feelings) go to work with someone else following this audit. Company secrets will remain well guarded. Someone who works in data must consider company secrecy as the basic pillar of his profession!
Drafting of specifications
Do you have an idea for a project, but you don't know where to start? I am your man. I can use my skills to build you a perfect layout. Thanks to all the templates that I will build, I would be able to assess the development price of your project. Do not start a project without having evaluated the blow ... the devil is in the details, and it could cost you dear. Bring in a professional up front who won't abuse you, and won't blame you if you work with someone else. There is room for everyone in this world!
Precision modeling: Thinking well is better than headlong! Once again, one of our biggest worries today is our refusal to slow down, take time to think. However, a project well thought out in advance has a much better chance of success. Let me take this time which is necessary to think well about your application. Your customers will only be more satisfied with your level of service. Hard companies are think tanks!