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Install MentDB Weak server with MySQL Database
Download Server
Download MentDB Weak here
Install MySQL 8
Depending on your OS, there are many tutorials on the internet, I let you consult them concerning this part... Thank you.
Unzip the file '' into a folder.
From your folder you can see:
Update the file 'MentDB_Server_3/conf/server.conf' directory
In the section [SQL], change:
- light_mode=true to light_mode=false
- the hostname
- the port
- the database name
- the mysql user
- the password of the user

Open the 'MentDB_Server_3/bin/XXX' directory
cd MentDB_Server_3/bin
cd linux (or osx or windows or raspberry32)

Launch the server
Double click on '' (or .bat on Windows) or launch in command line:

Launch in background with Linux/OSX
Open ./ and add & after re.jpayet.mentdb.ext.server.Start:

Save the file and restart the server.
Launch in background as Windows Service
Open the directory MentDB_Server_3/bin/windows/deamon

Update the file installWinService.bat and save:

To install the Windows service, double click or execute the file installWinService.bat in command line.
Go to Windows Service to see your new MentDB Weak service!