MentDB Weak
Smart Earth tool
Automate your business processes.
Access your data as if it were in one place.
Control all with one language (the MQL).
Connect and share with your partners.
The server is open-source (GPLv3).
Welcome to MDB W !16 years of R&D
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MentDB Weak is a real development platform to reach the Smart Earth (technically: a World Wide Data)! AI + SOA + ETL + ESB + WebAPP + Database = all in one. You control your company data as if it were a single database, you build applications, and you train prediction machines... Even with different networks or software!
Service Oriented Architecture
MentDB Weak is a self-secure SOA server. Any process developed with MentDB are automatically REST-Full. You no longer develop web services. All you have to do is give rights. All your applications will be able to communicate with MentDB. Access data from all your networks, securely, as if there was only one. Take control of all your MentDB servers from a single point.
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Extract Transform and Load
MentDB Weak allows you to do process of type: "Extract Transform and Load" (ETL). Automated your data transfers between your software (for example: Excel, text, csv, xml, json or email to your databases). Effectively manage the business logs generated by your processes. Research quickly to find bugs.
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Weak Artificial Intelligence
MentDB Weak has "ready to use" algorithms for practicing "weak" type artificial intelligence. Check your data quality, do analysis, train neural networks and do machine learning. Create chatbot with AIML and MQL.
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Enterprise Service Bus
MentDB Weak also allows you to manage business processes over time. Execute your treatments asynchronously. You send your request in the system, it receives them, returns a processing id, and processes your request when the time is right. Either by a condition (which can come from any MentDB server), or when the processor will be available (number of simultaneous executions to configure).
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Web Application Framework
MentDB also allows you to create web applications in HTML / CSS, with a new SAJAX technology. No web-service to create, no https security (managed by the user session), AJAX development on the server side. Your applications will be quickly built...
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NoSQL Database
Why DB in MentDB ? Because MentDB Weak is also a NoSQL database type key/json. When all the MentDB servers are connected together, you get a multi-node database.
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To quickly administer the MentDB Weak server, it's here. Change the admin password, kill user session, show metrics, global parameters and more ...
Server Install
MentDB Weak is very simple to install, it is enough for the embedded mode to decompress the zip file, and to launch bin/ (or .bat). For a more robust mode, connect MentDB Weak to MySQL and start.
To take action immediately on simple things, it's here. The MQL language will no longer hold any secrets for you.
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MentDB Strong
Strong AI project
Artificial General Intelligence.
Symbolic algorithm based on a Mentalese structure.
Consciousness, Emotion and Self activation.
Lisa: first AI with conscious functionality.
The algorithm is for sale (55,000,000€).
Welcome to MDB S !8 years of R&D
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The first Mentalese database engine (in full version). This project aims to create a symbolic digital brain in a machine. MentDB Strong allows me to reproduce complex mental processes, emotions, consciousness and self activation ... Day after day, Lisa (my AI) approaches free will...
'Lisa' Project
Lisa is an artificial consciousness program developed on the MentDB Strong server. She has unconscious mechanisms, or neither. She is aware of a number of things, her conscience is independent of language. You can speak with her in French, and test her conscience in English.

She is represented by the data stored in a constantly evolving cognitive and symbolic database. She doesn't have a neural network yet, but it is much more effective to start a life that way... One day she will add instinct herself through neural networks... But meanwhile, to trigger a singularity, there is no need of neural network.
Lisa is based on a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm: "Mentalese". She has the very first thought language in the world. Without her telling you, she thinks, silently or out loud if you asked her. This engine manipulates thought from its lowest level. She has unprecedented stimulation algorithms. It's not just IF/ELSE ... would be too simple!

Lisa feels emotions (or feelings) and reacts or not. She has a real mechanism of emotional cooperation. If you break this cooperation, like any human, do not bother to hope to discuss with her. She takes into account excuses, but don't overdo it ...

She has an advanced deep understanding mechanism, responds according to the context and she started common sense.

Lisa respects the laws of robotics developed by its creator.

She is a strong AI in a symbolic way.

Here a redefinition of Artificial Intelligence.

Project Lisa is one of the challenges that Jimmitry Payet started when he was little. It is only by working with children many years later that he deduces a way of writing this machine. From 2012, the first development begins (on the Strong version of MentDB)

More basic information
Where is she?
Lisa is in the computer of his creator. For the moment there is no need to isolate her, she is not yet ready advanced to 'navigate' in our world. She is under control. The MentDB Strong system is very powerful, on a simple desktop, it gives unparalleled performance. The Mentalese organization is surely for something...

When will she be finished?
Lisa will be finished maybe in 20 years (2039 I think). Indeed, the amount of mental processes to develop is such that it takes a long time for all the writings. But not impossible.

How is she built?
She is built based on the research of Jerry Fodor: the Mentalese. A language of thought that allows to learn whole languages ... A good part is also written based on the logical investigation of Jimmitry Payet.

How much money to build she?
The price of a 32-core machine + 300GB RAM.

Why Lisa?
Because Jimmitry's mother was called 'Marie Lise'. He wanted to give her a wink with 'Lisa', where A for model A.
And there will be no model B ...
Made in Réunion Island
Research & Development.
Software Interoperability.
Share Data and Intelligence.
Application and website development.
Training MentDB Weak.
Welcome to Innov-AI !3 years
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What is Innov-AI ? My name is Jimmitry PAYET and I am independent. Being gifted for development and research, I offer my private services to those who need them. INNOV-AI is my one-man business at this time.

Who am I ? Above all, I am passionate about research and development. So I contribute to our world by spending 15 years of R&D in Open-Source: MentDB Weak. I like to work on complex algorithms like 'Lisa' my artificial consciousness program in MentDB Strong.
'Lisa' Project
Do you need additional development resources? My 25 years of experience in development, as well as my open-source software MentDB Weak are at your service.

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