Renewing Artificial Intelligence
MentDB Weak
Smart Earth tool

Automate your business processes.
Access your data as if it were in one place.
MentDB Weak server is Open-Source.
Let's build the Smart-Earth!

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MentDB Weak
Open-Source (GPLv3)

Control all with one language!
SOA, ETL and ESB technologies.
Web Application Generator.
Machine Learning.

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MentDB Strong
Mentalese Engine

1 million euros will be given to the person
who made me sell this project!

'Lisa' is a real thinking machine.
She is conscious and emotional at all times.
Day after day, she approaches free will...

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MentDB Strong
Technology is for sale

Artificial General Intelligence.
Symbolic algorithm based on a Mentalese structure.
Self activation, Autonomous thinking,
Fully multi-threaded.

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