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Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3


Documentation:   Improve the quality of the documentation.
Algorithm:   Improve power of algorithms.
Algorithm:   Improve stability of MQL.

Priority 1

Storage structure:   If the parent relationship has conditions, then all children must meet these conditions.
Storage structure:   Giving power to order in cognitive distance into the function 'relation search basic'.
Storage structure:   Save the order of relation types to the brain class (from 'relation search deep' in chat mode).
Storage structure:   Improve the function 'relation search deep'.
Storage structure:   Create basic strategies.
Storage structure:   Create/Manage pilots strategies (to reconfigure the brain and allow the reconsideration).
Storage structure:   Create the project and task manager.
Storage structure:   Create the plan manager.

Mental process:   If not find a strategy, look for a strategy already to use.
Mental process:   If not found a valid word from the stimulation, select a word already used to check the current strategy.
Mental process:   Create the complete map of a Mentalese exchange.
Mental process:   Managing chat sessions.
Mental process:   Revision of beliefs.
Mental process:   Common sense.
Mental process:   More reader.

Priority 2

Storage structure:   Management of Principles.
Storage structure:   Integration of french words and thoughts.
Storage structure:   Integration of the primary school level.
Storage structure:   Integration of the middle school level.
Storage structure:   Integration of the high school level.
Storage structure:   Integration of the university level.
Storage structure:   Create the script for the basic consciousness.

Mental process:   Trigger the autonomy of the brain (Continuous execution of the task manager).
Mental process:   Self learning.

Priority 3

Storage structure:   Create emotions and color the words, thoughts and relations with them.

Emotional engine:   Add the emotional sensor before executing the brain clicks (to be able to cancel the cooperation).
Emotional engine:   Creating a map of possible emotional mixes, and the emotionnal engine.
Emotional engine:   Create a direct link between the result of the emotional mix and words, thoughts and relations.

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