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MentDB structure

MentDB structure

Machine learning and deep learning are very interesting to finally reproduce the 5 senses, perception and roughly the habit ...

But all this is very far from the grail we are looking for, that is, a machine that thinks in its head, cooperates or not, thanks to the emotions it receives / feels, and not just an algorithm that finds solutions.

We will completely fill this puzzle, only when we have written a thinking algorithm. And so, the famous language of thought that makes us think in our heads and sometimes aloud.

We are, in a way, a super self-programmable mental process manager, linked to an emotion manager, above a totally symbolic storage structure (allowing cognitive fast restitution).

It is the use of these 3 main blocks "the emotion manager + the mental process manager + the cognitive storage engine" (There are many more), which do most of the work . Like a database: "a session manager + stored procedure manager + a storage structure" ...

All in a single "Mentalese Query Language" (MQL)

Emotion manager (Coming soon ...)

It is here that I copy my feelings (I know it seems impossible ... but you will see ...).
That I would deduce mental processes by mixing emotional levels,
linked to relationships and thoughts ...

Mental process

A sequence of mental processes that can be called / recalled at any time.
To consider / reconsider things. To think, to generate common sense,
to follow its logical objectives or its emotional reflexes ...

Cognitive storage engine

A cognitive structure to save symbols, words, thoughts, relations and all emotional colorations.
Structured data to be able to calculate perception,
and all things that the mental process manager needed ...

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