MySQL DB (Used to save process status and log activity)
Service Oriented Architecture (Create your web services easily + Security + User right)
Extract and Load (ETL functions)
Enterprise Service Bus (Stack and Job - Execution with delay)
Application Manager (Create your web applications easily)
Data transformation (ETL functions)
Machine Learning
Predictive Analysis and Data Quality
Storage structure
Experience Database (NoSQL)
Portal (All accesses gathered in 1 point)
MentDB Project (Description of the project)
REST API (Connect your external applications to MentDB)
MQL Documentation
Trigger (Save your connections for the Java Editor)
Java Editor (Development GUI)
Lisa (chatbot)
Application Manager
Java API (Execute MQL with Java)
Web Socket API (Send message to Lisa)
Business layer
Mentalese layer
Mental process
Emotional cooperation
      MentDB (strong version), The digital brain.  For sale!

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Welcome to MentDB,  The first mentalese database engine.

MentDB stands for Mentalese Database Engine. What is it ? It is a new way to consider AI. A cognitive engine, a digital brain with an innate Mentalese to house a consciousness, who thinks in his head like you and me.
Jerry Fodor - The language of thought

You can manage languages, symbols, words, thoughts, relations, emotions, strategies... cognitively. If you call all the Mentalese functions in a good order, you get a strong AI. Unlike the graph databases that manages hardly experience, MentDB allows quickly to switch from one topic to another like a humain. You can directly stimulate memory areas as a psychologist is to reach hidden areas. In a brain, everything is cognitive... our emotions, our daily tasks or long term, our principles ... This is where all the forces of MentDB.

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