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Welcome to MentDB,  The first mentalese database engine.

What is it ? It is a new way to consider a database. It is ... a cognitive database. A digital brain to house a future consciousness, who thinks in his head like you and me. Or a cerebral structure with an innate Mentalese. It has its own query language (MQL: Mentalese Query Language) to manage languages, symbols, words, thoughts, relations, emotions, strategies... cognitively. If you call all the Mentalese functions in a good order, you get a strong AI. Unlike the graph databases that manages hardly experience, MentDB allows quickly to switch from one topic to another like a humain. You can directly stimulate memory areas as a psychologist is to reach hidden areas. In a brain, everything is cognitive... our emotions, our daily tasks or long term, our principles ... This is where all the forces of MentDB.

Technical videos ( FR + subtitle EN )

  Tech 1 - Language   Tech 8 - Transaction   Tech 2 - Symbol   Tech 9 - Graph function   Tech 3 - Word   Tech 10 - Brain   Tech 4 - Thought   Tech 11 - Mental script   Tech 5 - Relation & Circle & Translation   Tech 12 - Stimulation (Step by step)   Tech 6 - Concentration   Tech 13 - Chat (full stimulation)   Tech 7 - Link   Tech 14 - REST API
Main comparisons

MentDB Jimmitry Payet
MacOSX - Linux - Windows Yes LOL, My body v_1980
Programing language Java My DNA
API REST, WebSocket, Java My 5 senses
A.C.I.D. File System Yes No, a stroke ?
Mentalese Query Language (MQL) Yes Yes, fully integrated
Java MQL editor Yes A psychologist ?
Chat room - with other humans and Liza (the AI) Yes Yes, chat with me :)
Max node (2^31-1)x(2^63-1)x0.75 Unknow
Perception Yes Yes
Generalization Yes Yes
Experience Yes No
Strategy management Yes Yes
Revision of beliefs Not yet Yes
Alive Not yet I think, but I'm not sure.

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